"Smooth Talking…!!" (口上手…!!, Kuchijōzu…!!, Viz: Honey-Tongued…!!) is chapter 321 of the original Naruto manga.


After leaving the Ramen Ichiraku, Kakashi reminds Naruto that creating a technique requires combining nature transformation with shape transformation. By completing his Wind Release training, he has the former, and since he can already perform the Rasengan, he has the latter. Naruto concludes that creating a new technique will be easy since he has already mastered both components, but Kakashi corrects him by showing that he can also use the Rasengan. Combining nature transformation with the Rasengan was too difficult for Kakashi and the Rasengan's creator, the Fourth Hokage. Kakashi is confident that Naruto will succeed where they failed. Elsewhere, Shikamaru points out that Asuma hasn't smoked a cigarette since learning of Chiriku's death, a sign that something is bothering him.

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