• The altar of the Ryūmyaku power.
  • The Source of the Ryūmyaku.

The Source of the Ryūmyaku is a place in Rōran where the power of Ryūmyaku (龍脈, English TV: Ley Line, Literally meaning: Dragon Veins) is located. The Ryūmyaku is an ancient source of chakra that flows deep under Rōran, and can grant infinite power to those who harness it. Only the blood heirs of the kingdom can open or close the flow, but after it's open, anyone can use it. When Mukade was near death, he jumped into the source and detonated his own puppet body, causing the Ryūmyaku to go out of control and if left unchecked would melt down. After Sāra closed it off, Minato Namikaze sealed the source to prevent evil people from using it for their own deeds.


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