The Space–Time Hole is a distortion in the space-time continuum that creates a negative space, which will swallow everything around it.


The black hole can only be summoned by a member of the royal family in the chamber where the Book of Gelel describes, by offering a small amount of the member's blood, in order to destroy the Vein of Gelel, but the summoner will also die, as nothing that has been sucked into the void has ever come back out alive.

Temujin, a survivor of the royal family, summoned the Space–Time Hole to seal the Vein of Gelel when Haido's defeat accidentally destroyed the key, causing the vein to go out of control. He was ready to accept his death, but Naruto saved him from being sucked in as well by using a chain of shadow clones. The vein, along with the bodies of Haido, Fugai, and Kamira, their ship and the Book of Gelel, were all devoured by the black hole.