Earth Release: Rock Collapse
Appears in Anime  + , Game  +
Chakra Nature Earth Release +
Debut anime 577  +
Debut game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing +
Jutsu class type Offensive  +
Jutsu classification Ninjutsu + , Cooperation Ninjutsu +
Jutsu range Short  + , Mid  +
Kanji name 土遁・岩石崩し  +
Names 土遁・岩石崩し  + , Doton: Ganseki Kuzushi  +
Picture File:Ganseki Kuzushi.png +
Romaji name Doton: Ganseki Kuzushi  +
Team Prajñā Group +
Categories list Jutsu
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File:Ganseki Kuzushi.png + Jutsu in image
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