Kidōmaru produces a golden metallic substance within his body, which he can gather in his mouth like saliva or secrete from his pores like sweat. It is very malleable when first created, but once it makes contact with the air it hardens rapidly, becoming as strong as steel. For this reason, if he intends to shape the substance into a particular form, he should do so before it's left his body, such as by chewing it into sharp projectiles that he extracts from his mouth. Alternatively, he can carefully shape it as he spits it out, as he does with the Spider War Bow: Terrible Split. These golden weapons are the core of Kidōmaru's offensive tactics, typically used for long-range attacks.[1] A property of the Spider Sticky Gold is that it is fortified against chakra, making techniques such as Gentle Fist unable to penetrate it.[2]


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