Kidōmaru first creates a war bow by carefully expelling Spider Sticky Gold from his mouth.[2] With it he is able to fire arrows, using his body's eight limbs to boost the bow's tension beyond what normal people are capable of. Because of how much power is put into each arrow, they travel incredibly quickly, too fast to see.[1] On impact, the arrows pierce cleanly through target and obstacles alike and can crater the ground,[3] to the point that it is described as a "one hit kill". By activating his cursed seal's second level, Kidōmaru gains a third eye which further increases his accuracy, allowing him to hit his target's vital spots from hundreds of metres away.[1]

When fighting Neji Hyūga, Kidōmaru initially uses a standard arrow without any special properties. By surrounding the area with his chakra, Neji is able to sense to arrow in time to avoid fatal injury.[3] To account for this, Kidōmaru attaches one of his usual spider threads to the arrow, allowing him to control its trajectory from up to fifty metres and thus improve its accuracy.[1] Neji takes shelter behind a tree to throw the arrow off course. To account for this, Kidōmaru modifies the arrowhead into a drill, which will allow it to pierce through the tree if Neji tries that again.[3] The combination of the new arrow and the guiding thread is enough to successfully strike Neji, which Neji uses as an opportunity to locate and kill Kidōmaru.[4] In the anime, after being reincarnated, Kidōmaru can simultaneously fire three arrows.[5]


  • This technique's Japanese name is a pun, as when written as Suzaku (朱雀, Literally meaning: Vermilion Bird), it is one of the sacred beasts of the Four Symbols in Chinese, Japanese and Korean mythology.


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