A web that captures and contains all enemies attacking from the front. Kidōmaru catches his enemy off guard by releasing it while in the air. By swiftly spreading the ball of thread with his six "legs" the web covers a wide area. The chakra imbued threads cannot be cut by even a dagger. The sticky and elastic threads are so strong that even an elephant pulling each end would not break them. The enemy is unable to budge a muscle, let alone fight back. Once captured, their fate is in the hands of Kidōmaru. Also, according to Kidōmaru, it can hold more than five tons. However, since the webbing is crafted from chakra, it can be destroyed by refined chakra-imbued techniques, such as the Gentle Fist,[2] and the intense flames of Amaterasu.[3]

After acquiring Kidōmaru's DNA, Kabuto Yakushi gained access to this technique.[3]


  • Spider silk is considered to be one of the toughest natural materials, as its molecular bond is stronger than steel, and elasticity greater than nylon, making it impossible for normal humans to cut. However, bagworms can use their minuscule serrated teeth to catch and slice through the silk. Kidōmaru's webbing play on that, as it can withstand even two elephants pulling on each end, yet be severed by the refined chakra attack of the Gentle Fist.


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