Kidōmaru creates a ball of thread which he then expands into a large web using his six arms. He most often uses this while he's in the air, allowing the web to spread over a wide area. Approaching enemies are usually caught off guard by the technique and end up suspended in place by it. The webbing is made sticky with chakra, restricting victims' movements and thus leaving them at Kidōmaru's mercy. The web is elastic enough and strong enough that a kunai cannot cut it and that two elephants pulling it from opposite ends cannot break it.[1] As with all of Kidōmaru's threads, targets can free themselves by injecting their own chakra into the webbing, such as with the Gentle Fist.[2] The flames of Amaterasu are also strong enough to burn away the webs.[3]

After acquiring Kidōmaru's DNA, Kabuto Yakushi is able use this technique through his Strange Transmission Distant Shadow technique.[3]


  • When Kabuto uses this technique, he refers to it as "Kidōmaru: Spider Web Unrolling" (鬼童丸・蜘蛛巣開, Kidōmaru: Kumosōkai).[3]
  • Spider silk is considered to be one of the toughest natural materials, as its molecular bond is stronger than steel and its elasticity greater than nylon, making it impossible for normal humans to cut. However, bagworms can use their minuscule serrated teeth to catch and slice through the silk. Kidōmaru's webbing play on that, as it can withstand even two elephants pulling on each end, yet be severed by the refined chakra attack of the Gentle Fist.


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