White Zetsu is able to plant spores onto the bodies of others for the purpose of remotely monitoring them. As the spores have no chakra of their own, they cannot be detected by standard sensory abilities.[2] Once activated via time-delay, the spores grow into parasite clones by absorbing their host's chakra while also restricting their movements. The absorbed chakra can be transfered to another individual by establishing physical contact with them.[3] The spores can also activate in order to shield their host from harm,[4] or be forced into activation and expelled from their host's body if that individual takes in senjutsu chakra.[5]


  • Although the spores are usually undetectable, Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi are able to notice their presence due to extensive research on Hashirama Senju's DNA.[5]
  • In the anime, the clones grown through this technique at the Kage Summit were depicted as being entirely white in colour.[6]


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