Star Guard Team
Star Guard Team
Star Guard Team (星護衛チーム, Hoshi Goei Chīmu)
Anime Naruto Episode #178
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The Star Guard Team (星護衛チーム, Hoshi Goei Chīmu)[1] was a genin team, assigned to protect the precious chakra-emitting star (which was actually a meteorite), located in Hoshigakure, from thieves.


The team was made-up of all members from Team Guy, with the exception of Might Guy, who was replaced with Naruto, giving the leadership of the team to Neji. During the mission, the team clashed against Natsuhi — a kunoichi, who attempted to steal the star in order to protect the health of those who undergo "star training". After Akahoshi embedded the star into his being, Naruto was able to destroy it using the Rasengan.


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