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"Steaming Danger Tyranny!!" (蒸危暴威!!, Jōki Bōi!!) is chapter 557 of the original Naruto manga.


The Allied shinobi look up to the steam in the sky and it begins to hail. Ōnoki notes that the steam is being cooled down at the high altitudes and becoming hail. The steam condenses itself into the shape of a boy. The Tsuchikage explains the Mizukage's technique. The clone begins attacking, and it's able to dodge Gaara's sand. Ōnoki tells Gaara to ignore the clone and go after the Mizukage, who should be weak due to the technique. A sensor shinobi detects the Mizukage. The clone moves very fast, attacking all in its path. Back-up shinobi arrive. Ōnoki's back still isn't good. Gaara begins trapping the Mizukage in sand again, but the Sealing Team is interrupted by the clone, which rips the sealing tags. The Mizukage's head emerges from the sand, telling Gaara that as long as he has oil, his sand won't be of use. The Mizukage presses on them to defeat them, and Ōnoki suggests he keeps giving them advice. The Mizukage refuses on the grounds that if they can't defeat him by their own skill, they have no chance against those who summoned him, and confesses himself disappointed with Gaara. His clone explodes again. Naruto, Temari and other shinobi pick up their pace towards the location. The Allied shinobi are protected by Gaara's shield of sand. Gaara attacks the clone, which dodges his sand again. The clone strikes Gaara, who is revealed to be a sand clone. Gaara reveals himself from the ground and is able to capture the clone with his sand, much to the Mizukage's surprise. The clone explodes again, but the sand merely falls apart, revealing a gold shell. Gaara explains that he hid some of his father's Gold Dust in the sand clone, putting it in the Mizukage's clone, slowing it down and dissipating the heat, melting the gold and making the shell. The Mizukage is impressed by Gaara's strategy and with Gaara.

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