Hiruko uses the Storm Release kekkei genkai he acquired through his Chimera Technique to produce a massive thunder cloud capable of infinitely absorbing chakra to grow in size, strength and ferocity. The amount of chakra it receives will also increase. He can apparently channel this absorbed energy into himself, amplifying the technique to its highest limit.

By using different seals while active, Hiruko can summon multiple red pillars of chakra in the area and/or mass-absorb multiple techniques through a suction into his mouth.


  • When written as '乱気流', "rankiryū" means "turbulence".
  • After Hiruko uses this technique, and the focus changes back to him from Shikamaru, his last seal changes from Tiger to Bird, which is likely a mistake as it is the same seal Shikamaru is holding at that time for his Shadow Sewing Technique. When he reactivated the technique to absorb Naruto's Big Ball Rasengan, he uses the Horse seal instead.
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