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The Substitute Technique is a technique unique to White Zetsu. It allows him to assume the identity of any individual for a variety of purposes: though similar in nature to the standard Transformation Technique, it boasts far greater utility.


Having no fixed appearance or smell, this technique allows White Zetsu to alter his form and chakra, at will. In becoming the perfect duplicate of another individual, he will even possess chakra identical to that of the one that he is impersonating along with any clothing they might be wearing or tools they may be carrying.[2] The clones can also use this technique to copy a target's abilities. Typically, White Zetsu would employ his parasite clones to serve as substitutes; he was able to control these clones remotely and remained aware of their actions and experiences.[3] The transformed clones can even retain the appearance of the person they were impersonating after death, reverting to its true form only after the technique was voluntarily released by the original White Zetsu.[2] Because the substitute is weaker than the original individual, their primary purpose is to function as a diversion.[2]

In the effort to increase the Akatsuki's military power, Kabuto Yakushi conducted research to enhanced the strength of the White Zetsu Army. In the anime, however, the army's clones were regularly shown using copied techniques and could endure prolonged battle.[4] Unlike the original's version, the technique is seemingly dispersed once the transformed soldier is dealt with a significant amount of damage or killed.[5][6] Additionally, these clones demonstrated the ability to partially revert to their true forms while transformed.[7][8]


  • In the manga, the clone used as a substitute for Kisame Hoshigaki resembles a regular parasite clone.[2] In the anime, however, the clone possesses the Venus flytrap-like extensions that protrude from the side of the original White Zetsu, as well as the clothing that White Zetsu was wearing at the time.[9]
  • In both the manga and anime, the transformed clones were shown to bleed when damaged. However, in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, limbs severed from transformed clones were shown to leak a white substance, similar to Obito Uchiha's artificial arm. One clone was also shown to regenerate its lost limb upon reverting to its true form.

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