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スイカ Suika
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #236
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Sex Gender Male Male
  • Bandit
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Suika (スイカ, Suika) was a jōnin of Takigakure who defected and became a bandit.


Suika was a very apathetic individual showing little or no interest in the fact that he was being pursued or even his pursuers. He had also displayed a brutal side, willing to kill the young shinobi after they tracked him down.


Suika had a head of short green hair, black, heavy-lidded eyes and no eyebrows. He wore a sleeveless black shirt, an obi around his waist, a pair of pants, sandals and a sleeveless, high-collared, blue and orange jacket. He also wore bandages around his wrists and ankles.


Blue joro spider

Suika using the Net-Shaped Prison technique.

As a jōnin, Suika was skilled in a variety of areas. He proved to have sharp enough senses to discern that he was being followed and was capable of swiftly laying strategies to catch his opponents off-guard. He showed fairly large reserves of chakra, able to use a large number of ninjutsu in quick succession. During his first confrontation with Team 8, he demonstrated noticeable skill in taijutsu, able to fight off Hinata Hyūga and Kiba Inuzuka, who are both taijutsu specialists.


Suika using Katon Gōkakyū

Suika using the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique.

Similar to Kidōmaru, much of his fighting style also revolved around the use of spiders and webbing. Suika is able to summon a large army of spiders to assist him. Using his summons as mediums, Suika was capable of manipulating their webs for offensive or defensive purposes. Suika was very proficient with Fire Release techniques and has shown a wide arsenal of techniques such as the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique and the Fire Release: Flame Whirlwind.

Part II

Paradise Life on a Boat

After being pursued, Suika confronted Team Kurenai easily dispatching the young genin. To add insult to injury, he mocked Shino for his inept skills in taijutsu and his use of insects. He was later tracked down and pursued by Hinata, Kiba, and Akamaru. Engaging them once more, he attacked them with the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, which they narrowly dodge. Giving them no time to relax, he surrounded them with his Fire Release: Crimson Earth Spider technique, forcing them upwards into the webs that he had his spiders spin.

Joro spider

Suika attacks the young Konoha genin.

Attacking them with his Net-Shaped Prison technique initially and then the Fire Release: Flame Whirlwind technique, they are however saved by Shino who makes a last-minute entrance into the fray. Suika eventually captured the three of them using his Net-Shaped Prison technique and then engaged Shino directly. He was however shocked and eventually overpowered by Shino's newly improved taijutsu skills. Suika was knocked into his own net by Shino, giving Hinata along with Kiba and Akamaru enough time to attack him as well, defeating him and knocking him unconscious.


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