Sukunahikona is a dōjutsu of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki's unspecified right eye. It allows him to instantaneously shrink himself or any nonliving matter within his gaze and return it to its original size at will. Because the change in size happens too fast for the human eye to see, it is often mistaken for teleportation. Daikokuten can be used to store these objects within a dimension where time doesn't flow, allowing them to maintain their condition.

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki utilised this jutsu while on the verge of death after being betrayed by Kaguya to enter the body of Jigen, which allowed him to survive as a parasite before taking over his brain.

Isshiki employs this technique in combat by shrinking his projectile attacks to keep his enemies from defending against them and then restoring them to their original size to inflict critical damage. He also uses it to dodge enemy attacks and free himself from restraints. He is still able to use Kāma's absorption while shrunk himself. He could also use this defensively against what Kāma cannot absorb, such as reducing natural flames that were burning him. The shrinkage is not limited to an object's entirety, as Isshiki can shrink a section of the target object, such as causing a building to cave in or remove a section of a rooftop.

While inhabiting Jigen’s body, this technique normally required hand gestures in order to shrink foreign matter, but in his original form, Isshiki can achieve the effect just by looking at desired objects.


  • This technique appears to be inspired by Sukonabikona, the son of a goddess of creation whose name means "small lord of renown", a dwarf no bigger than a thumb.
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