The user summons a large gate; Sakon and Ukon can only summon it together. The gate itself is designed to look frightening, with the gate's doors having a demonic face upon them; this is to intimidate onlookers, potentially warding them off. The gate's doors are tightly shut and solidly built, making it useful as a shield against most forms of physical attack. The stronger the attack, the more damage the attacker will do to themselves when they try and fail to break through the gate.[1] Sakon and Ukon praise Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru for being able to dent the gate, which they say is Orochimaru's strongest defence.[2] Despite this, Orochimaru can also using a three gate variant, and beyond that is a five gate variant.

In the anime, this gate possesses offensive capabilities, with launchers installed in the roof-tiles that fire swarms of blades via a chain mechanism. However, launching too many of them near its base will cripple its foundation and the gate will collapse.[3]



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