Unlike the usual practice of summoning an entire creature, the user instead summons only the oesophagus of a giant toad from Mount Myōboku: Rock Lodging (妙木山・岩宿, Myōbokuzan: Iwayado). The oesophagus is summoned around a target; if this is done inside a cave or some other structure, it's possible the target will not even notice. The walls of the oesophagus are sticky and pliable, making it difficult for opponents to keep their footing and, therefore, fight as normal. The oesophagus is ordinarily inescapable, and over time it will contract around and digest its victims.[1]

Jiraiya can control the oesophagus, causing it to expand, contract, or grow in whatever direction he wishes. When first used, Jiraiya claims that no one has ever escaped from this technique. Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki manage to escape when Itachi burns through the oesophagus using Amaterasu. This surprises Jiraiya, as the oesophagus is fire-resistant due to the toad's ability to breathe fire.[2]

In the anime, Jiraiya demonstrates the ability to summon a giant toad's stomach using this technique. This section of the toad contains stomach acid, and the air within is filled with an acidic poison that is colourless and odourless, making it difficult to detect. Though it can be endured in small amounts, this poison begins to paralyse a person's entire body after ten minutes of continuous exposure, indiscriminately affecting anyone contained within the stomach.[3]


  • Gamaguchi (蝦蟇口, Literally meaning: toad mouth) is a Japanese name for a pouch or wallet, especially one closed with a metal clasp and used for small change. Naruto's own wallet is a reference to this word as well.
  • In various video games, parts of the oesophagus also spew fire.

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