A sword (刀剣, Tōken) is a long, bladed weapon used for combat. While most swords in Naruto are traditional Japanese katana, tantō, or ninjatō, swords used by main characters tend to bear little resemblance to real-life weapons, as is the case with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist's swords. Other swords that have been introduced in the series have mystical or special powers, including Orochimaru's Sword of Kusanagi and the Sword of Totsuka as wielded by Itachi Uchiha's Susanoo.

Most shinobi appear to have a preference towards long and wide blades while some ninja like Tenten use shorter swords, mainly for throwing them long-range. Of note are the samurai of the Land of Iron, who are nearly all seen with swords, and the shinobi of the Land of Lightning, which boasts a visible majority carrying them. A sword noted for belonging to a particular wielder is known as a Meitō (名刀, Literally meaning: Famous/Excellent Sword).

Certain foreign countries use more westernised types of swords. For instance, the kingdom of the Land of the Moon's military uses either sabers or spatha, and Shion's guards in the Land of Demons wield spatha as well.

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