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Tōbei Kagetsu
花月藤平 Kagetsu Tōbei
Anime Naruto Episode #186
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male
  • Medicinal Herb Salesman

Tōbei Kagetsu (花月藤平, Kagetsu Tōbei) is an medicinal herb salesman from Motoyoshi Village who faked his own death.


He and his family were poor and he often joked to bring some happiness to their lives. One day, he found some medical herbs on their mountain which he used to make a fortune in wealth. The clan prospered, but he became dissatisfied with the way the clan became focused on wealth. Because of this, Tōbei, with the help of his youngest daughter Mai Kagetsu, faked his own death to unite the family once more.


Tōbei is a very happy man who would always joke around with his children because he wanted them to be happy too.


He is an elderly man, with black and grey hair around his head and tannish-coloured along with a bald top. He has a small dot on his forehead, like the rest of the family members. He wears a three layered kimono, a light purple, then a cream-white, and lastly a dark purple.

Part I

Funeral Proxy Mission

When the family members themselves didn't laugh like he had planned, he chose to reveal himself. He spoke of how they all disappointed him, since they all became obsessed with money. He then snag a silly song, reminding them all of the fun the once had, making them all want to regain that part of their life.

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