These are pills in a capsulated form created by Magire and Kido Tsumiki. After the consumption of this drug, the user gains a heightened transformation. Kido's ultimate goal was to open his own military company to market these drugs, not only as weapons, but also initiators of war, thus leading to an endless cycle of revenue for him.


By collecting DNA samples left by Naruto Uzumaki after his battle with Sasuke Uchiha in the Valley of the End, Kido and Magire were successfully able to create this drug. When activated, the user gains a chakra cloak with tails that can range from one to nine tails — though the precise amount of tails generated by the user depends on the amount of chakra they have. The tails are capable of being used as a shield deflecting kunai, taijutsu or ninjutsu. These tails are also able to manifest into Tailed Beast Chakra Arms.


Though the tails can be used defensively, the cloak that embeds the body leaves the user just as vulnerable with it as without. If the user is rendered unconscious, the cloak will disappear. The drug is also limited in duration — during combat, several users of the Tailed Beast Drug lost their cloaks, though the time seems to vary from user to user.


  • Ino Yamanaka criticises the power gained from this drug to be unearned, and reasons it will never have a marketability despite Kido's believe it would bring him endless fortune.
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