Hello, I'm User:Lordandmaster. I'm a newbie. Only really got into Naruto a month ago, but I've already watch the whole of the English anime part 1 and the first 100 chapters of the manga. Anyway. I propose that we change the layout of the battles in this arc. Such as:

Phase Three: Finals

The Chūnin Exam's third phase is the battles that take place a month post the premininaries. The month gap was so the Genin could train them selves.

Pre Tournament

During the month gap, Naruto met Jiraiya, a Sannin, for the first time. Jiraiya agreed to be his sensei, and was the one who taught him most of the advanced techniques he learned during that time.

Under Jiraiya, Naruto improved his chakra control by practicing walking on water, learned how to call upon the demon fox's energy at will after Jiraiya used a counter seal to cancel Orochimaru's sealing technique, and how to use a summoning technique to call the giant toad, Gamabunta, to his aid, but was exhausted after completing his training, and Gamabunta carried him to the hospital.

Also, during the month of training, Dosu who was trying to sneak up on, and kill Gaara was ripped to shreds by him. Hayate Gekkō (the third exam proctor) was murdered by Baki, the Jōnin of Gaara's squad, Team Baki, after he overheard Baki talking with Kabuto about their plans to invade Konoha. Gaara also attempted to assassinate Rock Lee in the hospital on the day before the finals, but was stopped by Naruto and Shikamaru. Gaara revealed his past, which led to Naruto realizing that they had similar histories of prejudice, before Guy stepped in and forced Gaara to leave. In the tournament various people were allowed to spectate. The Procter changed for the finals.

Naruto verses Neji

Naruto's fight with Neji the first match of the finals was a very dramatic one. During the fight, Neji lectured Naruto much as he had done with Hinata during the preliminaries, telling Naruto that dropouts remain dropouts and that this cannot change. Naruto eventually won the battle through a combination of the demon fox's power sealed within him and sheer belief in victory. In the process, he changed Neji's outlook on life, and inspired him to create his own fate, thus forming another important bond. Naruto was able to make Neji understand that destiny can be changed, and they became good friends from that point on.

Like that just with a bit more detail. Like: The dust cleared and Neji got off the ground, but Naruto didn't. There was a silence and the procter was about to declare Neji the winner, then Naruto vanished in a puff of smoke. It turned out to be a clone. Naruto rose from the ground and uppercutted Neji. Neji gave immediately after that. ETC. Idiot's page Future ruler of the world's talk 18:35, February 3, 2010 (UTC)

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