This is all the info I've gathered about Enko: Enko Okuma♀ (credited in the Boruto novel as “Enko Onikuma”) is the name of the girl in Boruto’s class with the short brown hair. She most notably wears long brown armbands that cover her hands all the up to her mid-bicep. These armbands are wrapped with a black lace and also have cat paws on the inside of her hands. She wears a sleeves sky blue blouse with buttons running down the front and a purple collar. She can be seen speaking in Episodes 4 and 25 and is credited as “Enko Okuma” in both. She is among the many girls to swoon over Kagura Karatachi in Episode 25. Enko was confirmed and directed to by name in Episode 36.

I leave this here for those more familiar with editing and creating more fleshed out articles. Feel free to use any of the information as you see fit for use.

Hidanprime (talk) 04:19, December 7, 2017 (UTC)

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