I'm not sure if this is useful, but here's the preview for the next episode from the TV Tokyo site.

  • Episode 365: "The Heir of the Kinjutsu" (禁術の継承者, Kinjutsu no Keishōsha)
  • Will be broadcast: 28th January 2010
  • As they are guarding Hotaru, the granddaughter of En no Gyōja of the Tsuchigumo clan, Naruto and co find themselves escorting her to her to the Tsuchigumo clan's village in the mountains. However, Hotaru still has a lingering attachment to Utakata, who switched roles with Naruto and co and left. Yearning for Utakata's strength, Hotaru begs him to allow her to become his pupil, but Utakata refuses. meanwhile, Shiranami (シラナミ), the boss of the Magaki Group (マガキ衆, Magaki-shū), the bounty-hunting group that failed to steal the kinjutsu, devises the next plan. They move in order to intercept Hotaru on her way, but~~ suddenly, they come across Utakata and a battle ensues.

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