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タニシ Tanishi
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #187
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Tanishi (タニシ, Tanishi) is a young boy from the Genjutsu Tree Village.


Kandachi, a missing-nin from Amegakure, attacks and takes over the village. Tanashi's father Sukune stands up to protect everyone, but Kandachi uses Conch Whip and kills Sukune. Tanishi yells out to his father and tries to stop Kandachi but is restrained by Kandachi's followers.


Before meeting Naruto, Tanishi didn't seem to believe in himself, but this changes after Kandachi is defeated.


Tanishi has purple hair and light brown eyes. He wears a maroon-coloured headband around his forehead. He wears a high-collard, long-sleeved green shirt with a dark-green vest over it which reaches down past his waist, held closed by a grey-coloured belt. He also wears a pair dark-coloured pants, and a pair of sandals. He has a small black dot on the middle of his forehead.


Although not a ninja, Tanishi could dispel the effects of genjutsu by using his father's Chilli Pepper Bombs. He could fire these bombs with his slingshot, freeing his allies even though they are far away in the distance.

Part II

Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha

Tanishi is at first scared, but Naruto changes him and helps him in their plan to take back the village. In the end, they grieve the death of his father Sukune who gave his life for the village. He was in the battle between Naruto and Kandachi, and he helped by taking the villagers to a safe location.

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