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達治 Tatsuji
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #64
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Tatsuji (達治, Tatsuji) was an Anbu working in Konohagakure until the day he was lost on a mission.


At some point in the past, he was seen by Yamato as an Anbu member. Later, he was sent on a mission in which he pretended to go missing, so he could infiltrate Amegakure to gather information for Danzō Shimura and the village elders.


Though working for Danzō, he was visibly afraid when Tsunade gave Ibiki Morino the orders to torture him for intel.


Tatsuji has long chin length grey-coloured hair with bangs hanging over his forehead. He is seen wearing an Amegakure flak jacket with a large black scarf around his neck that hangs down the front of his body. He also has small black eyes that have a small very thin black marking underneath them.


Tatsuji is a powerful shinobi, whose skills allowed him to infiltrate Amegakure, a village known for being almost impossible to penetrate, due to Pain's tight control over the populace. He was also was a trusted member of Konohagakure's Anbu.

Part II

Twelve Guardian Ninja

Tatsuji was seen outside the village meeting with Danzō where he was then captured by several Anbu members and brought back to Konoha for interrogation. Yamato informed the others of Tatsuji being a Konoha shinobi. Before the real interrogation began, Koharu and Homura revealed to Tsunade and the others that he was actually working for them. He was presumably released after this.


  • Tatsuji may have been based on Tatsuji Suga (菅辰次, Suga Tatsuji) who was a military officer that was kidnapped by his enemies.
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