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クロヤギタヨリ Kuroyagi Tayori
Anime Boruto Episode #10
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Sex Gender Male Male
  • Postman

Tayori Kuroyagi (クロヤギタヨリ, Kuroyagi Tayori) is a postman of Konohagakure's Central Post Office.


Tayori is a kind and hardworking individual who is dedicated to his profession.


Tayori has short, spiky brown hair and green eyes. He wears the uniform of the Konohagakure Central Post Office.

New Era

Academy Entrance Arc

Main article: Academy Entrance Arc When the Ninja Academy had a group of its students spend a few days interning at various regular jobs throughout the village, Boruto Uzumaki, Shikadai Nara, and Mitsuki chose to go to the postal office. There they met Tayori Kuroyagi, who they joined on his rounds. Later the following day, the post office was bombarded with complaints from people not getting their mail. Learning that this was due to Boruto's slopping efforts, the students were reassigned to simple inventory. Later next day, at the request of Tayori, the students were given second chance delivering mail.

Later, at the desire of helping the village catch the culprit behind the various attacks on the village, Tayori and the other postal workers decided to aid the students and patrolling the village. When they returned, they found a possessed Komame going on a rampage, throwing mail around and shouting in anger. This, however, was part of the students plan to draw out the culprit While half the students chased the masked culprit, the other half stayed to save Komame. Komame's mail manipulation technique held the students back from approaching him. Ultimately, it was Tayori reminding Komame of how much meticulous efforts of the postal service was essential for the village that calmed Komame down enough for Boruto and Iwabee to knock him out, purging the spectre from him.

School Trip Arc

Main article: School Trip Arc As Tayori was continuing his rounds, he bumped into Boruto, delivering to him a message from Kagura Karatachi.

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