"Teacher and Student Once More!!" (再びの師弟!!, Futatabi no Shitei!!, Viz: Master and Student Reunited!!) is chapter 483 of the original Naruto manga.


Sakura tries to convince Sasuke to let her accompany him, even if it means destroying Konoha. He agrees if she will finish off Karin. Sakura approaches her and tries to come up with a good way to kill Sasuke, but Karin alerts her to Sasuke's own attempts to kill her. She is saved by Kakashi. Kakashi, as Sasuke's teacher, offers to kill him so that Sakura doesn't need to and to redeem himself for not stopping the situation sooner, remembering how Hiruzen had to do the same with Orochimaru. Sakura heals Karin while Kakashi makes one last attempt to convince Sasuke to give up on revenge. He refuses, so they prepare for battle.


  • Sasuke and Kakashi had not seen each other since Kakashi left for his mission after lecturing Sasuke in chapter 177, which means that the two went the longest without reuniting amongst the members of Team 7.
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