"Teamwork…!!" (チームワーク…!!, Chīmuwāku…!!) is chapter 14 of the Boruto manga.


Recognising Boruto as the Seventh Hokage's son, Shojoji sends his underlings to deal with him. Boruto, however, easily dispatches all of the bandits present leaving Shojoji to deal with him himself. As Shojoji makes his move, Tentō calls out to Boruto to be careful that he's not eaten. Taken aback by the seemingly odd warning, Shojoji is almost able to take Boruto by surprise with his deceptive speed. Taking to the sky, Boruto is once again able to narrowly avoid being eaten by Shojoji before questioning whether his opponent was actually human. As Shojoji advances towards Boruto, he attacks with the Uchiha-style "Lightning": Triple technique which Shojoji repels with his Wind Release: Shield of the Wind Count technique. After his Rasengan is also repelled, Boruto deploys a smoke bomb, using the added cover and his shadow clones to land an attack Shojoji could not perceive. He is, however, captured and as Shojoji begins to break his neck, Tentō intervenes, attacking Shojoji with a shuriken. This diversion buys enough time for Boruto to attack Shojoji with his Rasengan, defeating him.

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