{{Tlx}} is used to explain different parameters for other templates.


{{Tlx|template name|first parameter|2=label=value|...}}

  • Any number of parameters for the specified template are displayed as placeholders, more parameters are shown sperated by "|etc.".
  • If you want one of the prefixes such as subst: to be shown then add prefix=subst to the parameters.
  • Alternatively, subst: prefix can be added by setting |subst=true
  • You can wrap the entire explanation inside <code>...</code> tags by setting |style=code
  • If you wish to explain a named parameter then add the number of the parameter you are at and an = sign (as shown below).


  • {{Tlx|PolicyWarn|Policy Name|subst=true}} → {{subst:delete|<Policy Name>}}
  • {{Tlx|delete|2=quick=true|3=reason=Some reason|prefix=myprefix}} → {{myprefix:delete|quick=<true>|reason=<Some reason>}}
  • {{Tlx|PolicyWarn|Policy Name|subst=true|style=code}} → {{subst:delete|<Policy Name>}}
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