An unnamed continent is introduced in Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel, and is where Temujin hails from. While little is known about it, besides the fact that it is said to be war-torn, is that its inhabitants and aesthetics indicate that it is based off of post-medieval Europe and Mesoamerica. Temujin and Haido came from this continent where the Stone of Gelel was known, although extremely esoterically, because a clan once again migrated there after being decimated on Naruto's continent. Naruto and Temujin encounter the remnants of this clan who are travelling in a caravan, claiming to be nomadic peoples. Only the royal bloodline of this continent can seal away the Vein of Gelel.

This continent seems to be isolated from the ninja world, as Haido and his men had no idea what chakra was. Therefore, all of their techniques based off of the Gelel stone are debatable in terms of whether they are considered to be true ninjutsu. Also, every attack utilised by the warriors are named in English, further indicating their isolation from the ninja world.

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