Kimimaro parts his fingertips, creating holes that expose hardened finger bones. In volleys (five per hand), he shoots these bone bullets at a target by swinging his hand,[2] causing a loud sound as they're fired. The bullets travel incredibly quickly through the air and take a spinning motion. Upon impact, the bullets tear through skin, flesh, and bone.[1] The bullets aren't able to penetrate the Shield of Sand,[3] but in the anime, they can pierce samurai armour.[4] Kimimaro relies on this technique for his long-range attacks.[1]


  • The first two kanji (十指) would normally be pronounced as jisshi (じっし) or jusshi (じゅっし), rather than the teshi (てし) given by the furigana. Teshi probably comes from shushi (手指, finger), the first kanji of which can also be pronounced as "te".
  • This is Kimimaro's only Shikotsumyaku technique that is not referred to as a dance.
  • In video games, such as Ultimate Ninja Storm, Kimimaro uses these bullets as his main projectile instead of the shuriken used by most characters.

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