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(十尾, Jūbi)
Volume Info
Previous Dream World
Volume 64
Next Hashirama and Madara
Pages 192
Release Date
Japanese April 04, 2013 (ISBN 978-4-08-870628-3)
English January 07, 2014 (ISBN 978-1-4215-6139-4)
Kasuga NaraMaen NaraDaen Nara
Continuous Tailed Beast BallsWind Release: Air Current Wild DanceFire Release: Great Flame TechniqueEarth Release: Great Moving Earth CoreWater Release: Water Bullet TechniqueAllied Shinobi Forces TechniqueWind Release: Repeated RasenshurikenWind Release: Great Cast Net

Ten-Tails (十尾, Jūbi) is volume 64 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 608

"Kakashi's Decision!!" (カカシの決意!!, Kakashi no Ketsui!!)

Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake continue their battle, with the former unleashing a barrage of shuriken only to be stopped by Kakashi's wall of earth. As Obito slips through the wall, Kakashi continues to ask him why and to ask him if it is related to Rin, to which Obito tells him to shut up. Obito then warps Kakashi to the other dimension, but his victory is short lived, as Kakashi returns using Kamui. In the meantime, Madara's Wood Dragon begins absorbing Kurama's chakra, causing Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode to falter. Obito begins to overwhelm Kakashi, bringing him to his knees. Madara uses Wood Release to bind Killer B and Might Guy, then begins to activate his Susanoo to finish things up on the battlefield. Resolved, Naruto notes that the Uchiha's ideals annoyed him to no end and, creating a shadow clone, he is able to stop both Obito's shuriken and Madara's Susanoo Sword from making killing blows on Kakashi and Guy respectively. Hearing Naruto's words that he would protect his friends, Kakashi and Guy both spring into action with the former using Lightning Cutter to destroy Obito's other shuriken and Guy using Daytime Tiger to attack Madara. Turning to his former comrade, Kakashi tells Obito that what he still remembered what he had taught him in the past and what he could do now, was protect Naruto.

Chapter 609

"End" (終わり, Owari)

As Obito questions Kakashi statement that he would protect Naruto, the Copy Ninja's sentiments are echoed by Guy, who is severely weakened. Seeing this, Gyūki notes that all Konoha-nin liked to act tough before taking advantage of the loosened grip of its wooden restraints, warning Naruto that the Wood Release binding could suppress a tailed beasts power. Obito uses his own wood technique to attempt to restrain Naruto while he attacked Kakashi, but Naruto intercepts Tobi with a powerful headbutt, which sends him reeling. Gyūki then decides to attack the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path before the Ten-Tails could revive, leaving Obito to Naruto. Naruto declares that he can see Obito's suffering face, though Obito counters by saying it is Kakashi who is truly suffering. As Naruto notes that he had to do something for Kakashi, who was worn out, Kurama switches places with Naruto, and throws the Copy Ninja at Obito who warps him away to the other dimension, much to Naruto's shock. With no time to linger over this occurrence as Obito attacks, using Kamui to avoid Naruto's attack; he surprisingly starts to cough up blood. Kurama then reveals that Kakashi was attacking Obito from the other dimension and that it had given the shinobi some of its chakra when it threw him at Obito. As Kakashi returns to the real world thanking Kurama, Naruto and Killer B both combined their Tailed Beast Balls to create a massive sphere, firing it on the barrier containing the Demonic Statue. After the explosion, they note that the statue's chakra vanishes, causing Kakashi to question whether this is the end. However, when the smoke clears, the revived Ten-Tails appears, prompting Obito to declare that it is was indeed the end of this world. Elsewhere, a now-recovered Madara, though disappointed that he did not capture the Eight, and Nine-Tails, notes that they should begin their plan.

Chapter 610

"Ten-Tails " (十尾, Jūbi)

Shocked to the see the Ten-Tails before them, Naruto surmises that they must have been tricked as he was unable to sense the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path's malevolent chakra. However, Kurama tells the young man that it was impossible to sense the beast in the Tailed Beast Mode as the beast had neither feelings nor ideals and was akin to natural energy and that using Sage Mode to sense how powerful it was, would be a different matter. Meanwhile, Obito and Madara relocate atop the beast and attach themselves to it. Obito notes that he would like to commence the plan immediately, but Madara is more in favour of testing out the beast's power. As Naruto's attempt to gauge the Ten-Tails' power in Sage Mode ends in Naruto realising that it was indeed truly immeasurable, Kurama asks Gyūki to hand him Might Guy and Kakashi so he could restore their chakra. Taking command, Kurama devises a battle strategy to face the beast launching a continuous stream of Tailed Beast Balls, which culminates with Gyūki seemingly being decimated by the Ten-Tails' Tailed Beast Ball, but it was later revealed that Kakashi had warped it away while being launched by Naruto along with the latter's clone overhead the Ten-Tails where Kakashi released Gyūki who was aiming a Tailed Beast Ball right at the giant beast.

Chapter 611

"Arrival" (到着, Tōchaku)

As the Tailed Beast Ball bearing down upon the Ten-Tails, Madara and Obito have the beast simply flick the ball back at Gyūki, leaving Naruto's shadow clone, and Kakashi open for an attack. After the clone successfully pushes Kakashi out of the way, Obito reflects on how much Naruto was like himself before the Ten-Tails' attack disperses the shadow clone and sends Gyūki flying. With the Tailed Beast Mode and B's full transformation at their limits, Kurama and Gyūki tell Naruto and B to buy them some time while they generate more chakra to use. As the opposition notices this, and his team-mates already somewhat incapacitated, Naruto prepares to create more shadow clones which Madara chides him for, calling him incompetent. Kakashi also echoes these sentiments and Obito goes on to explain to Naruto that no matter how much he multiplied something, its nature would never change. He goes on to lament that all shinobi were powerless and that one day, they would all end up like he did. This causes Naruto to lash out at Obito once again stating his dream to become Hokage which leads Obito to tell him that he would make him the Hokage inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and as the Ten-Tails prepared to fire a Tailed Beast Ball, asked that Naruto vanish together with this world. As the ball fires, the shinobi are shocked to realise that the beast had missed. Just then, from above, Ino, Hinata, Hiashi and a few others arrive and it is revealed that Ino was able to shift the blast after taking control of Obito for a split second. Immediately, several Aburame use the Insect Jamming Technique, and a group of Kirigakure-nin shroud the battlefield in mist to stop them from being sensed. Shortly after this, the entire Allied Shinobi Forces arrive at the battlefield, causing the Sensing Water Sphere at headquarters to distort. The Ten-Tails swipes one of its tails to clear the mist, and several shinobi use Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique to cancel the blast. Naruto announces that they were no longer a disorderly crowd before announcing a new technique — the "Allied Shinobi Forces Technique" — which is the strongest technique that ever existed in the shinobi world and that it could win against the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Chapter 612

"Allied Shinobi Forces Technique!!" (忍連合軍の術!!, Shinobi Rengōgun no Jutsu!!)

Despite the swell in numbers of their opponents, Madara and Obito note that their efforts were still futile and that even after this war, history would only repeat itself and they would end up in this very same predicament. Naruto chastises them both noting that when there was a difference of opinion in a group, the majority should rule. Accepting his premise, Obito simply notes that they would make their decision after exterminating the Alliance. Using this time Shikaku, through Inoichi's telepathic ability, is able to relay the strategy he had formulated with the entire Alliance. With this, the Alliance launch their strategy, the first step being to slow down their targets by blinding them, which was executed by the Kumo-nin, with C and a few others using the Lightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar technique followed by Darui, and other Storm Release wielders using the Storm Release: Laser Circus technique to create a cloud of dust. Secondly the Suna-nin use the Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance to manipulate said dust to obscure their opponent's vision once again, adding it to what remains of the Insect Jamming Technique and Hiding in Mist Technique from earlier to completely impair the opponents' sensory skills. Following this, Kitsuchi and a group of Iwa-nin sink the beast into a hole allowing his daughter, and other Lava Release users to cover the beast in quicklime which was mixed with water by the Kiri-nin. Finishing off, members of Konoha's Sarutobi clan hardened the mixture using Fire Release. This leads Madara to state how surprised he was that shinobi from different countries were able to pull off such a perfect combination. Shikaku informs them that they have to defeat Madara and Obito while the Ten-Tails was still restrained recommending the Logistical Support and Medical Division to coordinate with Naruto to exploit Obito's weakness and telling all shinobi who were skilled in taijutsu to deal with Madara. As the Allied Ninja Forces bear down on them, Madara and Obito stare disdainfully as Obito notes that they clung onto hope that did not exist and that the Ten-Tails had finally reached maturity.

Chapter 613

"Head" (, Atama)

As various shinobi as well as techniques bear down on the two Uchiha, Madara realises that they were being targeted this time. He notes, however, that in order to do that, the Alliance would have had to stop the Ten-Tails first. With this, a powerful blast sends the incoming shinobi flying away and the further-matured Ten-Tails emerges from the pit. While the medical teams move out to tend to the injured, Shikaku, Inoichi, Ao and the others discuss what was happening on the battlefield. Now finding it even harder to control the beast, Obito and Madara use Hashirama's cells in order to fortify their control over the beast as the former agrees with the legendary Uchiha that it was time they showed the Allied Shinobi Forces true despair. As the beast fires off a Tailed Beast Ball, Kitsuchi is able to deflect its course using Earth Release underfoot the beast. A second Tailed Beast Ball is launched which detonates in a nearby lake and a third which Hiashi notes, destroys an entire town in an instant. Initially believing that the towns where the civilians were, was now unsafe, the fourth Tailed Beast Ball which is launched is noted to be heading straight for HQ as Shikaku surmised. As Inoichi asks for directives, Shikaku tells him that the only thing they could do was what they were assigned to until the very end, and for what appears to be the final time, Inoichi patches Shikaku through to the entire Alliance as the genius Nara passes on his final strategy to defeat the enemy. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Madara exclaims that they were finally able to get them with the Tailed Beast Ball, noting that it was a simple war tactic to take out the "head" of their opposition.

Chapter 614

"By You" (お前に, Omae ni)

Though Chōji tries to console his best friend, Shikamaru reminds him and Ino that they were in the middle of war and that there was no time for unnecessary conversation, and that they had to carry out his father's strategy. Confused, Naruto begins to question the situation, but before they can explain that Inoichi and Shikaku had been killed, the Ten-Tails attacks once more. Leaping into action, Neji and Hiashi are able to deflect the beast's attack, and as everyone begins to praise the Hyūga clan, Hiashi tells Naruto that he had to focus and that in war people might die, but if they lost the war, everyone would die. As he assures them that Inoichi and Shikaku were proud as shinobi to have died before their children, Neji echoes his uncle's sentiments, referring to his own father's sacrifice. With this Neji, Hiashi, and Hinata declare that they would protect him until the very end. Meanwhile atop the Ten-Tails, Madara and Obito discuss how to proceed with their plans and the fact that in order to become the beast's jinchūriki, Madara required a living body which could only be given by Obito sacrificing his own, which left the legendary Uchiha, at the mercy of his descendant. With Obito deciding to teach the Allied Shinobi Forces despair, the beast begins to attack again, sending wooden projectiles flying towards the shinobi. As the attacks are being deflected from Naruto by the Hyūga, Kitsuchi builds his chakra in preparation to use his signature technique. With the beast's hand itself bearing down on the group, Hiashi uses the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm to deflect it. The beast then uses a pin-point attack which Hiashi realises they could not deflect in time. As Hinata throws out her arms to protect Naruto, Neji actually intercepts the attack, and while Naruto calls for the medics, Neji notes that it was already too late. As Hiashi looks on in horror and Hinata cries openly, Naruto questions why a genius from the Hyūga clan would throw away his life for him, and Neji, who notes that he finally understood his father's feelings, states that it was for that exact reason that he did it: because Naruto called him a genius. With this, the juinjutsu on Neji's forehead disappears as it seals away his Byakugan. Obito then taunts Naruto, questioning if it had not been him who stated that he would not let his friends die.

Chapter 615

"The Connected Ones" (繋がれるもの, Tsunagareru Mono)

Mocking Naruto's earlier statement that he would not allow any of his comrades to die, Obito points out the many shinobi who had died from the Uchiha's last attack. While others around them also realise that Neji was dead, and Hiashi silently apologises to his brother for failing to protect his son, Obito begins a tirade against Naruto's beliefs — leading Madara to note that Obito had become a great deal like himself — sending Naruto spiralling into shock. As Obito beckons to Naruto to join their cause, Hinata snaps Naruto out of his trance-like state and reminds him of what Neji had said before dying as well as what, and why they were here fighting, reaffirming Naruto's ninja way, sentiments echoed by Kurama in the beast's own special way, reminding its host that his parents had also died in a similar manner to Neji. Meanwhile, atop the Ten-Tails, Madara notes that Obito seemed to be awaiting a response from Naruto, not long before Obito decides to act, which Madara chides him for his rashness causing possible harm to the Ten-Tails. Dismissing this, Madara has the beast prepare a Tailed Beast Ball which is deflected by B who launches himself at the beast's mouth in his Eight-Tails form with his own Tailed Beast Ball. Shutting the beast's mouth with his head stuck in there, B launches the Ball which explodes inside the beast causing it to fall and writhe in pain. With her words getting through to him, Naruto rallies around, and, holding Hinata's hand, Naruto enters Tailed Beast Mode, prepared to face his opponents once again.

Chapter 616

"The Invisible Dancers" (忍び舞う者たち, Shinobimau Mono-Tachi)

Taka and Orochimaru arrive in Konohagakure as they continue their journey to their destination, sensing Naruto Uzumaki's chakra as they press on at Sasuke Uchiha's behest. Meanwhile on the battlefield, everyone looks on in shock at the shroud that had surrounded Hinata Hyūga, which a wounded C comments on. Advising Naruto of what had happened, Kurama commended Shikaku Nara's analysis of its chakra before telling Naruto, who had got the gist of the situation, that using some shadow clones would be fine. Dispersing the clones around the battlefield, Naruto begins tapping the shinobi on the battlefield, thus transferring Kurama's chakra which envelops them in the same manner it did Hinata. Moving to attack once again, the Ten-Tails' tail is rebuffed by Hinata, which leads Hiashi to marvel at the fact that she had used that simple technique, to such devastating effects. Also noticed by Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha nonetheless sends out several more of the beast's tails to attack the shinobi which are subsequently blocked by Chōji Akimichi and several other enlarged members of the Akimichi clan. Signalling to his team-mates, Ino Yamanaka and Shikamaru Nara prepare their techniques while remembering the final words their fathers had left them with. Just as Obito was about to fire off several wooden projectiles, Ino is able to take control of the Uchiha once again and veer the attack off-course. Following through with an attempt to instead crush the shinobi with its tail, the beast's body is bound by Shikamaru and several other Nara who boldly declare that their clan wasn't to be underestimated. With Rock Lee mourning the loss of his close friend and comrade, Might Guy and Tenten try to comfort him. Decrying Guy's words as nothing more that the prolonging of a curse, Kakashi and Naruto rebuff Obito's sentiments, and Naruto tells the Uchiha that shinobi were meant to endure and that even if remembering your friends was a curse, he did not care as he wanted to keep the real Neji Hyūga in his heart forever.

Chapter 617

"The Invisible Dancers — 2" (忍び舞う者たち 其ノ弐, Shinobimau Mono-Tachi — Sono Ni)

Reflecting on Naruto's words, Lee remembers his time with Neji growing up, and as Naruto transfers some of his chakra to Lee, the young man — now resolved — respectfully closes his fallen comrade's eyes. Amazed by the chakra which also surrounded him, Kakashi reflected on his previous conversation with Shikaku as Kurama thought about Naruto's ability to match his own chakra with that of the different shinobi. Noting his lineage, Kurama silently mused to Kushina and Minato that their son had surpassed them, but notes that this is the power they wanted to pass onto their son. Meanwhile, atop the Ten-Tails, Madara decides to lend a hand to Obito and is able to break out of the Nara clan's Shadow Imitation Technique. With the beast's tails bearing down on the Alliance, several shinobi attack them, causing the great damage to the beast. As Hiashi declares that Neji's sacrifice would not be in vain, Obito mocks him and has the beast surround them with its tails, thus creating a makeshift cage. Obito then notes the irony that Hiashi's clan had a system in place that essentially left persons in a "cage" just waiting to die. Despite this, the newly-empowered Alliance charges forward as Naruto notes that Neji's will was not dead just yet, cutting through the Ten-Tails with one of his Rasenshuriken. With Lee declaring that he would take care of Madara, Naruto's left arm, which was still dislocated, is fixed by Hinata via her Gentle Fist. Reaching the Uchiha, Lee delivers a powerful kick that bisects Madara and Naruto throws his Rasenshuriken which phases through Obito; both of these attacks successfully cut off the Uchiha's connection to the beast, causing them to retreat. With this, Naruto states that, unlike Obito, he did not want to cut off bonds with his comrades, nor did he want them to cut off the ones from them. Meanwhile in Konohagakure, Orochimaru and Taka seemingly arrive at their destination.

Author's Note

Oh, man... Yeah...
I can't think of anything to write in the comments section anymore... Which is why, right this very moment, I'm going to just scribble down the first thought that comes to me while I sit here at my desk staring outside...
"These clouds are pretty grey!!"

Masashi Kishimoto, 2013

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