Used as a defensive manoeuvre, the Ten-Tails has the ability to produce innumerable replicas of itself from its main body. While they have many variations in terms of their appearance, with some appearing humanoid and others possessing an animal-like shape and operating on all fours, these duplicates share many of the Ten-Tails' distinctive traits, such as its mouth as well as spiked protrusions on their heads and backs. Their sizes also vary as some towered over others, appearing similar in size to large summons. The duplicates are capable of forming weapons of sorts including dumbbell-like weights, axe and scythe-like appendages as well as spear-like projectiles and spiked walls for defensive purposes. Regardless of their differences, the duplicates all operate with the singular goal of protecting the main body of the Ten-Tails from attack.

As part of this technique, the Ten-Tails can separate and purge injured parts from its main body. This was done after part of its body was set ablaze by Amaterasu.[1]

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