The user weaves three hand seals simultaneously between themselves and their Susanoo, in order to draw massive meteorites from the upper atmosphere down towards a specific location on the ground. As they descend in succession along the same trajectory, if one of these meteorites is stopped, the user can summon another one which will then collide with the first, ensuring that they crash into their intended destination.

The impact of this technique was of such enormity that it devastated a significant portion of the Fourth Division with the resulting tremors being felt from the border of the Land of Lightning to as far away as the Allied Shinobi Forces' headquarters.[2] It was also able to completely destroy Madara's Susanoo, and obliterate his body.[3]


  • While not named in the manga and anime, it was named in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. and J-Stars Victory Vs.
    • As a nod to Madara's own body being affected by this technique, the latter game while with no direct damage involved, can allow Madara and his ally to be affected by the blast radius of the second portion as friendly-fire.
  • When Madara used this technique on the Fourth Division, they questioned whether this could even be compared to ninjutsu, with Gaara believing it to be a power comparable to a god's.
  • After becoming the Ten Tails' jinchūriki, Madara's usage of Chibaku Tensei created several meteors similar to the ones this technique summons.

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