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テンジ Tenji
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #460
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
  • Part II: 175 cm
    1.75 m
    5.741 ft
    68.898 in
  • Emperor of the Land of Ancestors

Tenji (テンジ, Tenji) was an emperor from the Land of So, the lover of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, and father of Hagoromo and Hamura Ōtsutsuki.


Tenji lived a full millennium before start of the main story began. He served as an emperor from the Land of So. At the time of his first encounter with Kaguya, his land was in war with the Land of Ka over disputed land ownership. Unlike his followers and the residents of the Land of Ka, Tenji desired for peace and tried to avoid direct confrontation with his opponents in order to avoid a war being wedged.

When he meets Kaguya, he is surprised to learn she came "from the stars", but he takes an immediate interest in her once she tells him that she desires for peace, just like him. He allowed her to continue living on his land and fell in love with her. They became lovers and he visited with her every day, and rumours of their relationship reached the Land of Ka. His devotion to Kaguya's cause for peace caused him to threaten his own followers with death if they dared to threaten peace with the Land of Ka.

After Suzaku, the minister of the Land of Ka, tries to kidnap Kaguya and she kills many of his soldiers, Tenji is horrified of Kaguya's god-like powers and ultimately decides to betray his lover in order to prevent a war from breaking out. However, as the two sides attempt to capture Kaguya, she eats the fruit of the God Tree and, with her new powers, casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi. As Tenji falls victim to the genjutsu, he asks Kaguya what she is, unaware that she is pregnant with his children.


As an emperor, Tenji was an honourable and good-hearted person, who always cared about his land and people. He was very much a seeker of peace and was willing to do anything to void violence and death, even making peaceful negotiations with his enemies. However, that doesn't mean he harbours disdain towards his enemies, such as when the Land of Ka tries to use a fabricated map to steal property from the Land of So. Tenji loved Kaguya dearly and was protective of her, as they both desired a world of peace. However, his love for peace proved far greater than his love for Kaguya, as he was willing to betray and have her killed to keep war from breaking out.


The full extent of his abilities are unknown, with the exception of him being capable of firing a bow.

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