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舟戸テンマ Funato Tenma
Anime Boruto Episode #236
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Status Deceased
  • Pirate
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Tenma Funato (舟戸テンマ, Funato Tenma) was a pirate from the Land of Water. He was also the fleet commander for the Funato Clan's Tenma Unit.


Tenma during the Funato clan's ritual.

Tenma was abandoned by his birth parents at a young age. Forced to fend for himself, he would often steal crops from the island he lived on, ostracised by the inhabitants. One day, Araumi Funato and the Funato Clan came to the island to raid it. Tenma was amazed at Araumi's strength when he easily defeated several men at once. He charged Araumi to see his strength firsthand. When quickly subdued, he begged Araumi to let him join. Impressed by Tenma's attitude, Araumi decided to adopt Tenma, training him regularly. At the same time, Araumi ultimately focused more on his biological children's development, making Tenma jealous. He often mocked his younger brother, Ikada, for not having any aptitude for battle or wielding the Funato power despite being a true descendant. Later, he watched Ikada's rite of passage ceremony to determine his inherited power. As Ikada was hurled into the ocean as raging storm took place, his Funato abilities manifested, causing a massive wave that save him from drowning, leaving Tenma and his other siblings speechless. Tenma however believed it was just the storm washing Ikada back.

During the operation that captured his father, Tenma was able to escape while killing several Kiri-nin. Following this, Ikada made a decision to leave the clan and find his own path. Tenma was strongly against this, but Seiren convinced Tenma to let Ikada do as he pleased.


Tenma was a very vicious man, recognised as the second most violent and uncontrollable member of his clan. He did not tolerate weakness and would kill someone if he deemed them as trash, even making fresh recruits participate on death matches upon joining his unit to prove their worth. He was very impatient and irritable, openly preferring a direct assault instead of slow, methodical planning. He was fiercely committed to his clan and his family, assaulting his own men at the suggestion he would be better suited for leadership over his father or brother, who he openly considered smarter than him. This stemmed from his adopted family giving him a home when no one else would. He was, however, condescending on the younger Ikada for his perceived weakness. His greatest desire was to be openly acknowledged by his father.


Tenma was a tall and well-built man of light complexion. He had grey eyes and light purple, flat hair. His hair framed his face while covering his right eye. He also had red marks about his face; two crossing over his cheeks and down his jaw, one up over his nose, one under each of his eyes, and three crossing over both sides of his forehead. He wore dark grey pants with a dull grey gi over a dark grey shirt. He also had black wristbands, and wears a black haori draped over his shoulders with a blue scarf around his neck.


Tenma using his weapon.

Tenma was recognised as a powerful fighter, having killed countless Kiri-nin single-handedly. Apparently a taijutsu specialist, he showed considerable speed and agility, able to calmly dodge an armed opponent's strikes. He likewise was very strong, able to effortlessly choke a man with a single hand and break their neck. He wielded a fiddler crab pincer he kept sealed in a scroll, which he could use to cleave through steel and launch water blades.

New Era

Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc

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Tenma facing Kagura.

As Isari was taking care of rescuing their father, Tenma was put in charge of destroying the Land of Water's front-line base with his ship's Chakra Cannon as a diversion. Afterwards, he was tasked with acquiring the gold discovered on Dotō Island. Following killing a clan member in a death match and learning that his father was broken out of prision, he was alerted to intruders in his fortress, and discovered Kagura Karatachi and the others by the Chakra Cannon. He quickly countered Hebiichigo's attack, her blood sending Kyohō in an indiscriminate rage, which Tenma found amusing. Kagura took over the fight after knocking Kyohō out. He was informed of a ship coming into sight, and figuring it's their allies, orders it to be fired at. He attacked Buntan Kurosuki, who Kagura protected. Buntan left to help Boruto Uzumaki, while Kawaki joined Kagura against Tenma. They held him down and prevented him from giving halt orders as Boruto used maintenance cranes to aim the cannon at the fortress as it fired. As they retreated, Tenma vowed to kill them.

Later, Tenma joined his family to celebrate the his father's return. While bringing a huge fish to contribute to the feast, he revealed the destruction of his mobile fortress and Chakra Cannon. Isari and Araumi told Tenma to forget about it, noting that the Chakra Cannon already did its job earlier in destroying the front-line base. When his father received reports that the Mizukage had joined the front lines of the conflict, Tenma was restless to go fight. Tenma joined Isari with the main forces to face-down the Mizukage's forces.

Tenma defeated by Chōjūrō.

As Tenma grew impatient with the stall tactic against Kirigakure's main forces while Seiren's unit attacked the defenceless village, Tenma voiced his desire to go directly after Chōjūrō. When he and Isari received Funamushi's report that Seiren was injured and her unit was forced to stop their advance, Tenma's patience ran out. While Isari began devising a new plan, Tenma went behind his back and took a squad to attack under the night fog to kill the Mizukage. However, his plan was anticipated by Chōjūrō, countering his ambush. Not deterred, Tenma continued his assault, only to be quickly overpowered by Chōjūrō. As Chōjūrō asked what his plans were, Tenma proudly declared the Funato would destroy Kirigakure. He attacked again, forcing Chōjūrō to cut him down, Tenma falling overboard and to his death, lamenting how he never got his father's praise.


When Tenma died, Isari was more focused on a sound retreat than mourning for his brother. Araumi, who was saddened at his demise, was furious at Isari's seeming lack of care. Araumi would also invoke Tenma's death when scolding Ikada for his indecisiveness. Upon Ikada finally awakening his true powers and embracing his destiny as a Funato, Araumi lamented that neither Tenma nor Seiren lived to see it. Ikada also saw Tenma as a beloved brother whose death contributed his hatred towards Kirigakure.


  • Written as 天魔, "Tenma" means "demon".