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Tenma Izumo
出雲テンマ Izumo Tenma

  • Speedy Tenma (疾駆けのテンマ様, Hayagake no Tenma-sama, Literally meaning: Rapidly Running Tenma)
  • Fleet-foot Tenma (艦隊の足テンマ, Kantai no Ashi Tenma)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #453
Novel Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing
Appears in Anime, Novel, Game
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
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Tenma Izumo (出雲テンマ, Izumo Tenma) was a shinobi and a member of Team 2.


When Tenma and his friends learned of Itachi Uchiha's success in the Academy even though he was four years younger than them, they tried to bully him, but he simply ignored them. As he attempted to mimic his parents' belief that the Uchiha Clan orchestrated the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha, Izumi Uchiha stood up for Itachi and activated her Sharingan to scare him and his friends off.

At graduation, Tenma was placed on Team 2 under Yūki Minazuki's leadership alongside Shinko Inari and Itachi, much to his annoyance. During their time together, Tenma constantly tried to belittle and outdo Itachi, only to constantly fail even though his sensei and Shinko tried to stop him from doing so.

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Thanks to Itachi's skill, Team 2 was given the ceremonial honour of being the Fire Daimyō's guard during his annual trip to Konohagakure. During the trip, a masked man attacked the convoy and places all but Tenma and Itachi in a genjutsu. While Itachi was cautious, Tenma ignored the warnings and attacked the mysterious man, only to realise he was intangible and was brutally killed.


Tenma was a haughty and prideful child and did not take others outshining him well. When he and his friends saw Itachi, who was four years their junior, was already graduating with them and hailed to be better than them, he did not take it well at all. When he was placed on a team with him, Tenma's own attitude refused to change. However after Itachi saved Tenma's life, a slight companionship was formed between the two. This was shown when Tenma sacrificed himself in order to repay the favour of when Itachi saved him. He also displays immense pride, which is why he promised to repay Itachi rather than simply thank him. Tenma's death also lead to Itachi's Sharingan to awaken because of the pain Itachi felt of losing his first friend.


Whilst not much is known about Tenma's abilities, he dubbed himself "Speedy Tenma", suggesting he is fast.


  • Izumo (出雲) is the name of city in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Tenma has several meanings:
    • When written as 伝馬, it means "post horse".
    • When written as 天馬, it means "flying horse".
    • When written as 天魔, it means "demon".

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