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The Tenseigan, also known as the Energy Vessel (エネルギー体, Enerugī-Tai), is a sacred treasure of the Ōtsutsuki clan, used for millennia to seal the clan's Byakugan to combine their power, as well as to collect and amplify natural energy.


The clan uses the vessel as an energy source to power everything on the moon, including the countless autonomous puppets that served them. As such, it has the power to create massive blasts of chakra that can wipe out entire armies in a similar manner to the Tailed Beast Ball. Because of a jujutsu that has been applied to the orb, it can only be touched by those who are part of Hamura Ōtsutsuki's lineage. Others will be drained of their chakra.

It's unknown whether the vessel was also brought by the Ōtsutsuki from their home realm to Earth in the past. The Tenseigan consisted of two separated parts, its case and the main content. The case is a spherical-shaped structure made from gold with an eight-pointed star-like symbol carved into it, and is currently chained and mounted inside Hamura's shrine. In the past, it was somehow placed and mounted in a wheeled tower structure with an emblem carved in the front of the tower, and it was used in the war between the Ōtsutsuki's main and branch families.

The main content is a sun, an eye-like orb structure with double-layered, yellow hexagon-shaped pupils (one fixed and one another rotated counter-clockwise), surrounded by an orange-yellow flower-like iris, which is currently stored inside the core of the artificial sun and protected with some huge pieces of metal bars and guarded by a large number of puppets. According to Hinata Hyūga, an unknown ancient curse technique was also placed on the main content, making it untouchable except by those with the "undiluted chakra of Hamura". The main content controls the movement of the moon and is referred to as the "real" Tenseigan; this vessel holds countless Byakugan, along with one of Hamura's Tenseigan, in its core.

The vessel was later destroyed by Naruto and Hinata. When the vessel was damaged, it began to flicker, and ultimately exploded, disintegrating into countless Byakugan. When it was completely broken, the artificial sun inside the moon disintegrated and all living things inside it ceased to exist; however, the moon would only stop moving temporarily.


  • The emblem carved in the wheeled tower structure where the Tenseigan was mounted in the past resembles a Surya Majapahit emblem. The Surya Majapahit (The Sun of Majapahit) emblem is the emblem commonly found in ruins dated from Majapahit (a vast archipelagic empire based on the island of Java (modern-day Indonesia) era (from 1293 to around 1500). The emblem commonly took form of an eight-pointed sun ray with the rounded part in the centre depicting Hindu deities. The emblem might take the form of a cosmological diagram haloed by typical "Surya Majapahit" sun rays, or a simple circle with typical sun rays. Because of the popularity of this sun emblem during the Majapahit era, it is suggested that the sun emblem served as the imperial symbol or emblem of the Majapahit empire. It is likely also the reference of the Tenseigan's tremendous power and its power as an artificial sun.