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手綱 Tezuna
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #129
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Sex Gender Female Female
  • Hostess

Tezuna (手綱, Tezuna) is a hostess in Amegakure and Ryūsui's wife.


She has long blond hair and grey-coloured eyes. She wears a white dress with cow patterns on it and a pair of white gloves. She wears a pair of blue-purple coloured pearl earrings. Her hair is tied into two buns in the back which are held in the bun by a orange-coloured elastic and she has a small strand of her hair hanging down each side of her face by her ears. She wears a cow necklace around her neck and it's string is yellow.


Tezuna seems to be fond of cows given her chosen attire. She appeared to be a kind individual, helping strangers and reffering to Ryūsui as her "hubby". She thought of Ryūsui as a bit of a cheapskate, seen when he said he got her a gift and she thought it was another cheap thing from Shibuki Bridge. She, like many others in Amegakure, would attempt to never speak of Hanzō.

Part II

Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant

When she attends to Jiraiya, he manages to learn information about Amegakure and Pain by talking to her and reading her letter from Ryūsui.


  • According to Jiraiya, she seems to resemble Tsunade with her large breasts and blond hair, and even their names start with the letter "T". Furthermore, both their names contain the same kanji, just reversed of each other.
  • Tezuna works at a club named, Make-Out Club Battle.
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