"The Beast Within" (野獣炸裂!弾けろ吹っ飛べ突き抜けろ!, Yajū Sakuretsu! Hajikero Futtobe Tsukinukero!) is episode 124 of the original Naruto anime.


In his drunken form, Lee's movements are too unpredictable and unorthodox for Kimimaro to match. Lee manages to block and counter every one of Kimimaro's attacks. Lee resorts to feigning tactics such as falling asleep spread-eagled, and he manages to land a hit with his eyes closed. Realising that Lee is drunk and is using the Drunken Fist and possesses high levels of speed, Kimimaro resorts to using his kekkei genkai in order to snap Lee out of it. Kimimaro's tactics work, as Lee sobers up after having his face cut by one of Kimimaro's bones.

Back in the forest, Shikamaru's Shadow–Neck Binding Technique starts to slowly give way as his chakra runs out. Shikamaru likens this to the previous time his chakra ran out (during the Konoha Crush), in which he was saved by Asuma Sarutobi. Thinking there is no one to save him now, Shikamaru prepares himself for the worst. Meanwhile, Kiba and the wounded Akamaru make their way out of the river and hide behind the trees. However, Sakon disguises his scent using Kiba's jacket and catches the two. At the same time, the now sober Lee decides that he needs to resort to hard-hitting tactics to take down Kimimaro, and decides to open the First Gate and use the Front Lotus; Kimimaro manages to use the density of his bones to absorb the full effect of Lee's Lotus kick.

Kimimaro then attempts to drill his bones into Lee, only for his bones to be blocked by sand, which dispels Lee backwards. The sand manages to cushion Lee's fall. Kimimaro demands who his new opponent is, and Lee is shocked to see that it is none other than Gaara. In the forest, Tayuya is about to finish off Shikamaru when she is hit by a powerful gust of wind, caused by none other than Temari. Meanwhile, Sakon is about to kill Kiba with a kunai when his attack is blocked by Kankurō, who used Karasu to shield Kiba. The Three Sand Siblings announce themselves as shinobi allies of Konohagakure and prepare to help their former enemies in combat.