This is the article on manga chapter 487. For chapter 181, head to The Beginning of the Battle…!!.

"The Beginning of the Battle…!!" (戦いの始まり…!!, Tatakai no Hajimari…!!, Viz: The Battle Begins…!!) is chapter 487 of the original Naruto manga.


Sakura and Kakashi accept Naruto's request to be responsible for Sasuke. Kakashi tries to use Kamui on Tobi to remove at least one threat, but Tobi tells him it would be useless. After he leaves with Tobi, Sasuke requests Itachi's eyes, needing them if he is to regain his sight and inevitably defeat Naruto, the only way to prove him wrong. The other members of Team 7 collect Karin and head back to Konoha. Meanwhile, Killer B returns to Kumogakure with the Fourth Raikage and Samehada, a souvenir from his battle with Kisame. Nobody realises that Kisame is hiding within Samehada, having faked his death with the help of Zetsu. Kabuto, having got used to Orochimaru's powers, kills three Taki shinobi and decides to make his move.