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"The Boy with the Sharingan…!!" (写輪眼の少年…!!, Sharingan no Shōnen…!!, Viz: The Sharingan Boy) is chapter 700+2 of the Naruto Gaiden mini-series.


After encountering a mysterious boy possessing the Sharingan and wearing the crest of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke sends a hawk back to Konohagakure to contact Naruto about the matter. Meanwhile, Sarada's identity crisis continues as she reveals to Shizune that she knows that there is no record of her birth in Konoha; heavily raising her suspicions on her parentage — which Shizune's evasive demeanour on the topic does not help. In a restaurant, Chōchō complains about her father's excessive eating habits, which her mother, simply ignores.

Annoyed that she is being ignored while trying to lose weight, she simply sighs as Sarada appears. Humorously, Chōchō explains to her that she doubts her parents are her real parents. This is challenged by an eavesdropping Mitsuki, who simply states that it was normal for girls at their age to start questioning their identity, angering Chōchō. Sarada eventually decides to simply find her father herself or ask the Seventh Hokage, about her dilemma. In his office, Naruto sees Sasuke's hawk and realises the situation Sasuke is in and consults Kakashi. Together, they doubt that the boy is an Uchiha Clan Downfall survivor, but more likely another one of Orochimaru's experiments. Naruto leaves a shadow clone to run the village with Shikamaru as he heads out to meet Sasuke and Yamato. Sarada, however, secretly hears this and decides to tail him until she realises Chōchō has invited herself along, thinking Sarada is helping her find her "real" parents. Elsewhere, the mysterious boy meets a person cloaked in an Akatsuki mantle, informing him of his brief fight with Sasuke. They both declare they cannot forgive Sasuke for killing his older brother, Itachi, and promise to make him pay.


  • In one panel, Kakashi's scar is missing.
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