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[[pt-br:Capítulo 22: A Conclusão de uma Batalha Feroz!]]
[[pt-br:Capítulo 22: A Conclusão de uma Batalha Feroz!]]
[[id:The Conclusion to a Fierce Battle!]]

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"The Conclusion to a Fierce Battle!" (激闘決着!, Gekitō Kecchaku!) is chapter 22 of the Boruto manga.


Boruto notes his wasn't a finishing blow. Ao notes his jutsu absorption arm has been destroyed and removes it. Konohamaru detects an incoming attack on Boruto, pushes him out of the way, and is hit by attacks from Ao's drones up in the sky, being knocked unconscious. Sarada and Mitsuki tend to Konohamaru. Katasuke surmises the drones are controlled remotely by Ao's chakra. Boruto comments how un-shinobi like Ao's fighting style is. Ao declares he's no longer a shinobi, having transcended into a new kind of human being, and sends the drones up in the air to attack. Mitsuki and Sarada retreat with Katasuke and Konohamaru, while Boruto absorbs the attacks with his jutsu absorption arm. Ao praises him for having pushed him so far into using the drones. The others watch worriedly from afar. Ao stops his drone attacks, and Boruto attacks with shadow clones. Ao destroys the clones and grabs hold of Boruto, who has the absorption arm, commenting how the Shadow Clone Technique, despite its power, can't copy such complex machinery. As he readies his chakra blade, Ao comments on how Boruto would have died when they first met had they already been enemies. Sarada tries interfering, but Mitsuki stops her, saving her from drone attacks. Ao tells he'll go for her once he's done with Boruto. Boruto says Ao already lost as a shinobi, dispersing the shadow clone with the absorption arm, emerging from rubble behind Ao with his chakra blade, and commenting how shinobi must read underneath what's underneath. Boruto slices off Ao's prosthetic left arm and leg, and lands another Rasengan, sending Ao crashing into the nearby ruins. Ao admits defeat, and is surprised when Boruto just places the screwdriver from before next to him instead of finishing him off. Ao warns him that being as soft with his enemies as Naruto was will be fatal one day. Konohamaru regains consciousness and is impressed that they defeated Ao. Boruto admonishes Ao for killing Mugino. Konohamaru wants Ao extradited to Konohagakure, and instructs Boruto to ask for reinforcements. Katasuke looks forward to what the future holds for the genin. Ao notices Koji Kashin in the ruins above him, yelling out his name, drawing everyone's attention. Koji Kashin summons a giant toad, that causes the structure to collapse. Ao uses a Water Release to push Boruto away, and is crushed to death by the toad. Koji Kashin wonders what motivated Ao to use ninjutsu at the very last moment, and introduces himself to Team Konohamaru and Katasuke.

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