"The Connected Ones" (繋がれるもの, Tsunagareru Mono, Viz: The Ties That Bind) is chapter 615 of the original Naruto manga.


Mocking Naruto's earlier statement that he would not allow any of his comrades to die, Obito points out the many shinobi who had died from the Uchiha's last attack. While others around them also realise that Neji was dead, and Hiashi silently apologises to his brother for failing to protect his son, Obito begins a tirade against Naruto's beliefs — leading Madara to note that Obito had become a great deal like himself — sending Naruto spiralling into shock. As Obito beckons to Naruto to join their cause, Hinata snaps Naruto out of his trance-like state and reminds him of what Neji had said before dying as well as what, and why they were here fighting, reaffirming Naruto's ninja way, sentiments echoed by Kurama in the beast's own special way, reminding its host that his parents had also died in a similar manner to Neji. Meanwhile, atop the Ten-Tails, Madara notes that Obito seemed to be awaiting a response from Naruto, not long before Obito decides to act, which Madara chides him for his rashness causing possible harm to the Ten-Tails. Dismissing this, Madara has the beast prepare a Tailed Beast Ball which is deflected by B who launches himself at the beast's mouth in his Eight-Tails form with his own Tailed Beast Ball. Shutting the beast's mouth with his head stuck in there, B launches the Ball which explodes inside the beast causing it to fall and writhe in pain. With her words getting through to him, Naruto rallies around, and, holding Hinata's hand, Naruto enters Tailed Beast Mode, prepared to face his opponents once again.