"The Criminal Targeting Kokuri" (コクリを狙った犯人, Kokuri o Neratta Hannin) is episode 143 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


The prison goes into lock-down. Boruto asks his cell-mates to check on their belongings, and he and Mitsuki explain what they deduced about who stole the medical tag and attacked Kokuri. Kamata is suspicious of Boruto's claim not to be Tsukiyo's accomplice, but Arai believes him. Benga announces they'll begin searching for the medical tag, and that if found, the everyone in the culprit's cell will have their sentences extended and be sent to solitary if they can't determine who in the cell is the culprit. Sarada wants to question Tsukiyo, and Mujō wants to assign a guard to accompany her. When Boruto discusses the attack on Kokuri with his cell-mates, Kamata finds the assailant to be stupid, and says he wouldn't have messed it up. Kamata tries to get Kokuri to say why Tsukiyo wants him dead, but Arai warns him that Kamata is conniving, and will use any valuable information he learns, and also calls his bluff when he prepares to fight. Arai also discreetly warns Boruto about Kedama, not to be deceived by the appearance he doesn't care about anything. Arai voluntarily shows his bunk, and when Kamata refuses to let them search his, Arai points out he frequently talks to guard Haie, suggesting that's how he's in touch with Tsukiyo. Kamata instead mentions how he saw Arai making his way to the medical ward the day before, and accuses him. He claims he went to the cafeteria, to see the smuggler, and shows the chocolate he got as proof. The lock-down sweep continues. Sarada interviews Tsukiyo, who sees through her and asks why she's pretending to be a reporter. Kamata still refuses to let them search his bunk, and Kokuri goes through Kedama's by mistake. When Kedama says he didn't agree to it, Mitsuki finds the medical tag in his sheets, to Kedama's surprise. Arai calls Kedama a coward, and reveals he used to be respected by all the prisoners, but in reality he spied on them on behalf of the guards, and told on a friend who tried to escape. While Mitsuki and Boruto are willing to hear him out, Arai is adamant not to trust him. When Arai mentions the Mujina Gang, Mitsuki points out none of them had mentioned the Mujina. They accuse him of having hidden the tag in his sheets when he volunteered to show his bunk, and slipping it to Kedama's bunk when everyone else was distracted. Arai pushes Boruto aside trying to get to Kokuri, but is punched by Kedama and immobilised by Mitsuki. They hand him and the medical tag over to Benga, ending the lock-down. Benga reports to Mujō and asks about Boruto and Kokuri. Mujō tells him not to suspect prisoners for no good reason, as not to incite retaliation. Though Arai was caught, Boruto and Mitsuki still don't know much about Kokuri, or his intel about the Mujina.


Boruto UzumakiYuko Sanpei三瓶 由布子Sanpei Yūko
Sarada UchihaKokoro Kikuchi菊池 こころKikuchi Kokoro
MitsukiRyuichi Kijima木島 隆一Kijima Ryūichi
MujōAkio Nojima野島 昭生Nojima Akio
KokuriTakayasu Usuiうすい たかやすUsui Takayasu
TsukiyoMasanori Takeda竹田 雅則Takeda Masanori
KedamaTakaya Kuroda黒田 崇矢Kuroda Takaya
AraiRyota Suzuki鈴木 崚汰Suzuki Ryōta
KamataRiki Kitazawa北沢 力Kitazawa Riki
BengaDai Matsumoto松本 大Matsumoto Dai
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