"The Current Dream" (今の夢, Ima no Yume, Viz: Your Current Dream) is chapter 675 of the original Naruto manga.


Reacting to Madara's attack, Obito transports Sakura out of the other dimension to safety where she informs them of Obito's request and Madara's appearance while tending to Kakashi, who had just lost his Sharingan. Meanwhile, Naruto completes binding Madara's shadow with the help of the Truth-Seeking Balls and a shadow clone whom he leaves behind to monitor the situation. Within Kamui's dimension Madara has his hand through Obito's chest, and is shocked to find that the cursed seal he placed on his heart had been removed. To Obito's own surprise, Madara reveals that he was the mastermind behind Rin's capture, as well as her subsequently becoming a jinchūriki that was supposed to be let loose on Konoha, but had also broken the cursed seal in a similar way when she had Kakashi stab her with his Chidori. Rin's death would turn Obito from caring and compassionate to twist it into deep hatred. Deeming that Obito had served his purpose, Madara readies himself to retrieve his Rinnegan. As Naruto makes his way over to his team-mates, Sakura explained the impending danger before watching on in amazement as Naruto replaced Kakashi's snatched eye with a normal one using Hagoromo's power. Through his team's nostalgic bickering, Kakashi remembers the goals his students had, how far Naruto and Sakura had gotten towards achieving their dreams, and turns to question Sasuke's goals which would have naturally changed once Itachi had died — sentiments that Sakura echoed. Sasuke, however, hesitates before answering and is saved the task as Kakashi senses that Madara was returning from the other dimension using Obito's Kamui. With this, Kakashi reminds his pupils of the paramount first lesson they learned from him — teamwork — as the trio prepare to face their enemy once more.


  • In the beginning of the chapter, one panel mistakenly depicts Madara's eyes with the Sharingan in his right eye socket and the Rinnegan in the left one. This was not corrected in the tankōbon version.

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