"The Current Me" (今のオレは, Ima no Ore wa) is chapter 665 of the original Naruto manga.


Apologising to his master for being delayed so long, Black Zetsu informs Madara that not only was he able to retrieve the eye, but also Yin-Kurama from Minato as well. Seemingly content with that, he commands Zetsu to bring both to him, but as the clone tries to leave Obito's body — no longer concerned about the threat around him — but finds himself unable to as his host regains consciousness. The two Uchiha have a conversation about Obito's role in Madara's plan, with the new jinchūriki stating that the other was not Obito, but Madara, the one who rejected the world created by the Sage of the Six Paths which had failed. Calling to him to stand by his side as he had once before, Obito starts walking towards Madara while Minato, Kakashi and Gaara try to stop them. However, their efforts prove futile as Sakura watches on horrified and confused as she tries her best to keep Naruto alive. Stretching out his hand to his ancestor once again, Obito bypasses Madara's own and instead sticks his hand into Madara's chest recreating the same shakujō he wielded when he was the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. Renouncing Madara's action and his plan as he remembers Naruto's words, Obito states that his current self is the one that wanted to become Hokage — a person who stands at the forefront of hardship themselves and doesn't manipulate others to achieve their own goals. Declaring that he would no longer be Madara's pawn and hurt his comrades: because he's Obito Uchiha.


  • In the last panel of page 12, Kakashi's Sharingan is seemingly depicted as a normal eye. However, it was corrected in the tankōbon version.