"The Failed World" (失敗した世界, Shippaishita Sekai) is chapter 661 of the original Naruto manga.


With Kurama extracted from his body, Naruto falls unconscious as he hurtles towards the ground. Gaara uses his sand to cushion his comrade's fall while the tailed beasts are resealed into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. As Madara criticises himself for his lack of power, he soon turns his attention to the talkative White Zetsu Army clone, noting that they were nothing but failed experiments. Unaffected by these harsh words, the clone soon tells Madara that all was being taken care of on their side. Narrowly escaping Tobirama's attack, Madara seemingly gains the upper hand on the Second Hokage only for him to disappear from sight before launching a follow up attack, giving Gaara enough time to escape with Naruto. Madara ultimately pins down Tobirama, and the two exchange words of contempt with one another. Meanwhile, Sasuke prepares to reenter the fray atop Garuda and recalls Hashirama noting that he would give him a technique that would work against Madara in his current state. Though somewhat hesitant at first, Sasuke eventually presents himself to the incapacitated God of Shinobi, who gives him what is left of his chakra to stop Madara. As Madara berates Tobirama, who was once renowned as the fastest shinobi in the world, driving one of the stakes into the Second's head, the Uchiha shares his viewpoint once again before Tobirama makes a last-ditch effort to attack Madara, providing Sasuke with an opening to swoop in. However before Sasuke can land any kind of attack, the young Uchiha finds himself suspended in midair. Ignoring Tobirama's cries to stop, Madara drives the sword through Sasuke's chest, expressing his disappointment in the young Uchiha whom he deemed to have had given more than enough time to do something.

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