"The First Challenge" (第一の課題, Daiichi no Kadai) is episode 155 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


At Mount Myōboku, Naruto is told by Fukasaku that if one absorbs too much natural energy, they would turn into stone frogs, revealing that the collection of frog statues around them are former students. Fukasaku reveals that toad oil has the ability to acquire natural energy, and if Naruto rubs some on his skin, he will begin to sense natural energy; however, a side affect is that Naruto begins to transform into a frog, gained webbed hands and amphibious pupils. Using his baton, Fukasaku knocks the natural energy out of Naruto, reverting the transformation. Gamakichi explains that his jab about Naruto dying referred to the fact that he'd lose his humanity once he became a frog forever, and Fukasaku reveals to Naruto that even Jiraiya retained frog features after using Sage Mode.

Naruto decides to expedite his rigorous training using his shadow clones, which Fukasaku allows. Despite being constantly beaten by the sage toad, Naruto begins to sense the natural energy around him. In order to test Naruto's progress, Fukasaku asks Naruto use senjutsu to lift a toad statue, which the genin is able to do, much to Gamakichi's surprise; Fukasaku muses how Naruto has picked up the basics much faster than Jiraiya ever did. Fukasaku tells Naruto is to learn how to absorb natural energy without the use of toad oil, but decides to give the shinobi a break from their training. He then proceeds to give Naruto the very first novel Jiraiya ever wrote — The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi.

As Naruto reads the book, he realises that the hero of the book is also named Naruto. He sees Jiraiya's photo on the back of the book and begins to shed a tear as he recalls a memory from their training days, in which Jiraiya had hoped to change the world with his books and expressed gratitude over having Naruto as a student. Naruto had mocked his books and how they never sold, and Jiraiya had retorted that he would not give an autographed copy to Naruto. As Naruto smiles, he thanks Jiraiya for giving him something much more priceless.

Meanwhile, Madara notifies the other Akatsuki members that Sasuke has successfully captured the Eight-Tails. As they prepare to seal it, Pain reveals his new body and proceeds to declare that the Six Paths of Pain are heading to Konoha; Zetsu, Konan, Madara and Kisame begin to seal Killer B into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, only for the jinchūriki to be nothing more than an severed octopus appendage.


RoleSeiyūEnglish Voice Actor
Naruto UzumakiJunko Takeuchi竹内 順子Takeuchi JunkoMaile Flanagan
FukasakuIkuo Nishikawa西川 幾雄Nishikawa IkuoKirk Thornton
GamakichiYoji Ueda上田 燿司Ueda YōjiDave Wittenberg
Madara UchihaNaoya Uchida内田 直哉Uchida NaoyaNeil Kaplan
Kisame HoshigakiTomoyuki Dan檀 臣幸Dan TomoyukiKirk Thornton
ZetsuNobuo Tobita飛田 展男Tobita NobuoTravis Willingham
PainKenyu Horiuchi堀内 賢雄Horiuchi Ken'yūTroy Baker
KonanAtsuko Tanaka田中 敦子Tanaka AtsukoDorothy Elias-Fahn
JiraiyaHochu Otsuka大塚 芳忠Ōtsuka HōchūDavid Lodge
HeroWataru Hatano羽多野 渉Hatano WataruKyle Hebert
Enemy shinobi (Fūma)Tomoaki Maeno前野 智昭Maeno TomoakiTodd Haberkorn
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