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The Fruits of the Training…!!
(修業の成果…!!, Shugyō no Seika…!!)
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Previous Shikamaru's Battle!!
Volume 38 (Read Online)
Next The People Starting to Move
Pages 192
Release Date
Japanese June 04, 2007 (ISBN 978-4-08-874364-6)
English March 03, 2009 (ISBN 978-1-4215-2174-9)
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The Fruits of the Training…!! (修業の成果…!!, Shugyō no Seika…!!) is volume 38 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 340

"A Dangerous Bridge" (危ない橋, Abunai Hashi)

Naruto's shadow clones charge at Kakuzu. Team Asuma prepares to provide assistance, but Yamato warns them not to. While Kakuzu is busy with the shadow clones, Naruto tries to hit him with his new Rasenshuriken. It dissipates before it makes contact, forcing Kakashi and Yamato to save Naruto from Kakuzu's counterattack. Disappointed with Naruto's display, they offer to join him in fighting Kakuzu. Naruto asks for another chance, saying he will never be able to reach Sasuke if he always needs others' help.

Chapter 341

"The Fruits of the Training…!!" (修業の成果…!!, Shugyō no Seika…!!)

Knowing that Naruto's Rasenshuriken is a close-range attack, Kakuzu alters his body to keep Naruto away. Naruto forms a Rasenshuriken and creates more shadow clones, which charge at Kakuzu. Kakuzu ignores them and attacks the Naruto with the Rasenshuriken. It is a shadow clone, the real Naruto having hidden with the group that Kakuzu ignored. Naruto hits Kakuzu with another Rasenshuriken, striking him with countless wind blades and destroying his two spare hearts.

Chapter 342

"The King…!!" (玉…!!, Gyoku…!!)

Sakura and Sai locate Shikamaru, only to find that he has already defeated Hidan. Meanwhile, Naruto recovers from his fight with Kakuzu. Kakashi approaches Kakuzu, whose final heart is on the verge of failure, and finishes him off. Team Asuma and Team 7 returns to Konoha and report their success against Akatsuki. Shikamaru visits Kurenai at Asuma's grave, promising to protect her unborn child for Asuma's sake. He later plays shōgi with his father and explains Asuma's philosophy on who the "king" of Konoha is: the next generation. Shikaku is happy that his son has learned such a valuable lesson, but does not hesitate to win the game.

Chapter 343

"Unfeeling…" (非情に…, Hijō ni…)

Sasuke sits upon a field of battle, having defeated hundreds of opponents. Orochimaru observes that he didn't kill any of them, to which Sasuke replies Itachi is the only one he wants to kill. In Konoha, Team 7 visits the Ramen Ichiraku. Naruto, having hurt his arm from using the Rasenshuriken, cannot eat by himself. He tries to get Sakura to help him, but is disappointed to receive help from Sai instead. He is even more disappointed when Kakashi takes over for Sai. Meanwhile, Orochimaru's body starts to reject him. When Kabuto leaves his side to get some medicine, Sasuke attacks him, remarking that he is willing to kill Orochimaru too.

Chapter 344

"The Snake and…" (蛇と…, Hebi to…)

Sasuke tells Orochimaru that there is nothing else for him to learn as he is already stronger than Orochimaru. Moreover, he has no intention of giving his body and the Sharingan to someone like Orochimaru, who constantly tries to escape death. As Sasuke tries to finish him off, Orochimaru abandons his body, revealing his true form as a large, white snake. He attacks Sasuke, intending to take his body by force. Sasuke responds by activating level two of his cursed seal.

Chapter 345

"The Ritual…!!" (儀式…!!, Gishiki…!!)

Sasuke stands over a dismembered Orochimaru. He believes he has won, but finds he cannot move. Orochimaru rises and says his blood evaporates on contact with air and numbs those nearby. He swallows Sasuke to initiate the body-swap. Sasuke finds himself within Orochimaru's subconscious where Orochimaru tries to gain dominance over him. Sasuke activates his Sharingan. Kabuto returns to Orochimaru's room and finds the body switching process has ended. As Sasuke leaves the room, he asks whose consciousness has control of the body.

Chapter 346

"The Secret of the New Technique!!" (新術の秘密!!, Shinjutsu no Himitsu!!)

Sasuke uses his Sharingan to show Kabuto how he turned the body-switching process against Orochimaru, absorbing him into his body. He leaves and visits Orochimaru's lab to release someone named Suigetsu, who he tells to come with him. In Konoha, Kakashi relays Tsunade's warnings about the Rasenshuriken to Naruto: that he shouldn't use it anymore or risk being left unable to use techniques ever again. Naruto responds that he knows his own limitations.

Chapter 347

"Detour!!" (寄り道!!, Yorimichi!!)

As Team 7 leaves the Ramen Ichiraku they are met by Konohamaru, who demonstrates his new perverted technique for Naruto's amusement. Sakura initially disapproves, but likes Konohamaru's Sexy: Boy on Boy Technique. Meanwhile, Sasuke tells Suigetsu that he wants to form a team consisting of him, Karin, and Jūgo. Suigetsu is not thrilled by the idea, but agrees if Sasuke will help him retrieve Zabuza's Kubikiribōchō. They go to the Land of Waves to get it and then continue on to Karin's location, who senses them coming.

Chapter 348

"The Next Person!!" (次なる一人!!, Tsuginaru Hitori!!)

Suigetsu tries to convince Sasuke not to bother with Karin, but to no avail. They arrive at the prison Orochimaru left Karin in charge of and Sasuke asks her to team up with them. Karin refuses. Suigetsu leaves them to release the prisoners, but requests that they spread word of Orochimaru's defeat by Sasuke once they are free. While Suigetsu is gone, Karin is much more eager to work with Sasuke, suggesting leaving Suigetsu behind. She does not sway Sasuke by the time Suigetsu returns, but agrees to accompany them in going to find Jūgo.

Chapter 349

"At the Northern Hideout" (北アジトにて, Kita Ajito nite)

Karin warns Sasuke about Jūgo, but he is not concerned. Knowing little about Jūgo, Suigetsu asks what the problem is. Karin explains that Jūgo willingly became a prisoner of Orochimaru in order to find a cure for his murderous impulses. By experimenting on Jūgo, Orochimaru's Juinjutsu were created. With Orochimaru now gone, recipients of one of these cursed seals run rampant at the base where Jūgo is held. One escapes and finds Sasuke and the others approaching the base. He attacks them, but Sasuke quickly cuts him down.

Author's Note

Many of my friends are getting married lately. It's too bad I'm too busy to attend their weddings... I do so enjoy receptions.

Masashi Kishimoto, 2007

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