"The Future" (未来は, Mirai wa) is chapter 700+5 of the Naruto Gaiden mini-series.


As Sasuke reaches to attack Sarada, she calls out to him as her father, and is disappointed that her father didn't recognise her. Naruto and Chōchō arrive, with Chōchō berating Sarada for going off on her own. Sasuke questions Naruto why he brought children with him, and Sarada explains they tailed Naruto to reach Sasuke. Chōchō wonders if Sasuke is her father. Sarada asks Sasuke if Sakura is her real mother. Shizune informs Sakura about Sarada's findings and intentions. Sarada vents her anger at Sasuke's obliviousness and unwillingness to share information about himself, and leaves the room. Chōchō concedes Sasuke is Sarada's father. Naruto recalls a Kage meeting where Sasuke revealed a potential new enemy related to Kaguya and the White Zetsu Army, and asked to be allowed to investigate the matter in secrecy. Naruto comforts Sarada, as Sakura makes her way to their location. Shin's father proclaims the rebirth of Akatsuki to Shin and several of his copies, revealing his various Sharingan through his head and left arm. He uses his creature to teleport to Naruto's location. While Chōchō suggests Sasuke to use food to reconnect with Sarada, Sasuke detects their enemies' arrival. Shin and his father attack Sarada and Naruto, who parries the attack. As Shin's father rushes to Naruto, Sasuke joins the fray.

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